Peach Dream Maca Smoothie ~ Why Maca is amazing…

This wonderful smoothie is loaded with nutrients so listen up in the video. You will find out why you should put
Maca, 16 oz/1lb (raw, organic)
in a ton of your smoothies. Go to HipMomsGoGreen for the recipe details here at Peach Dream Maca Smoothie.  Enjoy!

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Nickie Knight, Founder & Editor in Chief

  • SherwinJTB: I'm just surprised she still remembers a dream many months ago. I guess putting it ...
  • anna: yum Nickie.. this is great. Thanks for sharing... I like the tip about ...
  • LizzieB: Wow, that's look good and packs loads of nutrients and fiber. How many servings does ...
  • Jen: It looks great Nic!
  • Tessa: Wonderful! Thanks for the great how to video. Cant wait to try it!

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