Green Wines for St. Patrick’s Day

Three Organic Wines, from three different parts of the world, that are delicious while being good for the environment. They visit New Zealand and taste Seresin Estates Sauvignon Blanc, then the US, and Oregon’s Montinore Estate Almost Dry Riesling, and finally Chile, and Odfjell’s Orazada Malbec.  Go Green on St. Paddy’s Day!  Check out our amazing St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Recipe with organic, grass fed corned beef, mashed potatoes, and a new twist on Irish cabbage at Hip Moms Go Green.

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Nickie Knight, Founder & Editor in Chief

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  • Jen: It looks great Nic!
  • Tessa: Wonderful! Thanks for the great how to video. Cant wait to try it!

Green Giveaways

This week's Green Giveaway is a pair of Organic Denim and a pair of Simple Shoes from Baby Star.

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